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This Bird Food Page was created and funded by Adam A.K.A (Ace Cardinal). I have and will continue to invest in Myself to bring my friends and members the best Bird Food possible, "All In" one safe secure place with great customer service, and your best interest in mind.  I know how important pheno hunting is and know how much you care about your Bird Food, with that being said , you can always count on me to deliver what you ask for, and more. 

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Nur10T Genetics


This is my genetics company. This is how I will release what limited beans I create over the years. Also check the website out for new release's from me and other breeders as well. 



Welcome New Breeders!! If you have a stabilized strain(s) that you would be interested in getting out to the public, we would be glad to help! We will respectfully test your genetics VIA our hand selected members, once proven, We will give you a spot on the menu!  Already have a following?  We will look into your work and go from there,  If you are a breeder, we want to help . We love the community and do this on our own free time and testers we pass out must be donated , as our time and menu space is donated in return

Jungle Control

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Jungle Control™ is a new company with advanced technology for the Agriculture Industry. Our chemistry is the future of plant cultivation optimization because our premium line of products are highly effective and non-toxic. We have partnered with crazy cool chemists, who have achieved amazing results, and developed products that are changing the way plants are cultivated.

A percentage of all sales will go to a charity of our choosing, and we are currently in the process of finding a charity that fits our vision of creating a better world for everyone. We'll have more information on this soon!

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The Science

Our proprietary formulation contains a rare natural substance with a molecular structure similar to water. We have partnered with cutting-edge chemists who have been able to create an environment to extract this substance in greater volume than ever before.

Ferocious delivers additional hydrogen and oxygen complexes to cannabis plants through its root system. The formulation is composed of stable, concentrated complexes of hydronium (H3O) and OHs. During ATP hydrolysis, the first step in the plant’s energy creating process, the mitochondria in the plant’s cells donate one proton from a water molecule (H2O) to another water molecule, creating hydronium (H3O) and OH. Those molecules then become fuel for another reaction in the ATP process and create energy for the plant.

Our scientists believe that Ferocious delivers more hydronium and OHs, which create more energy for the plant to create bigger, stronger plants, that produce more flower.

Plants have the power to heal people, the power to help make lives better for people, and the power to bring people together for the common good. It is our mission to provide growers with the best chemistry possible, so they can be safe during cultivation, sustainable in their practices, and responsible by providing premium products to people around the world.

Our independent growers are starting from clone using aeroponic clone machines for 14 days, vegging in 2 gallon containers of coco medium in a 3 week veg cycle, 15 gallon container for another 3 weeks, flowering in a 8 week flower cycle, with 64 total feedings/waterings every other day with Technaflora Pura Vida line of nutrients, Ferocious, and RO water. Other additions include Great White Mycorrhizae.

At our current recommended dosage rates, we typically see happier plants with more perceived vigor, larger leaves, stronger stems and cellular structure, thicker stalks, closer internodal spacing, bigger flowers and colas, increased hydromobility, increased bioavailablity, and increased physical size. (either height or width depending on the strain)

Average increase in yield is +11.5%
with reported maximum yields of 30%.

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