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Growers Giveaway Raffle





·  First Prize: Vivosun 2x4 Tent 

Folux v2 240w PLUS Quantum Board Grow light (/w 660nm red diodes) from

Dyna-HOME-Gro’n Starter Kit from

2 packs of Twenty 20 Mendocino 1 Sfvog Kush & 1 Shotgun weeding

· Second Prize: Vivosun Triangle Grow Tent 41"x57"x71"

1 315 watt Cultilux cmh bulb 3k or 4k from

Aurora Innovations Soul Line Player pack from

1 pack of Second Generation Genetics Rosaberry

1 pack Cotton Mouth Genetics Arctic Pie

· Third Prize: Otto from OTTO is the first and only automatic cone filling machine also a T-shirt of your size plus a $50 store credit to

· Fourth Prize: Otto from OTTO is the first and only automatic cone filling machine also a T-shirt of your size

· Fifth Prize: 200 store credit to


· Seventh Prize: 250 mL bottle of Mammoth P as well as one of the highly coveted Mammoth P hats

  • Eighth Prize: 10 pack of Alcatraz OG and hat-pin from NorStar Genetics


  • Ninth Prize: 10 pack of Straight Jacket and hat-pin from NorStar Genetics
  • Tenth Prize:   TravelMaster 2.0 by GreyStone Steel  “The DeLorean of Water pipes” It’s a workhorse- I take it everywhere. I chill it in the freezer and wash it in the dishwasher. It has never failed me and works as perfectly as the it did the day I got it! 


We will be adding more prizes throughout the month, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled

How to enter

1. Buy a ticket off the website 

2. Purchase any pack of Twenty 20 Mendocino, Second Generation Genetics, or Cotton Mouth Genetics and receive 2 free tickets. 2 free tickets per a pack purchased. Unlimited Entries

3. Free contest for tickets though-out the month on Instagram and Facebook 

Terms and Conditions

1. Winner must live in the USA or be willing to pay for shipping if you’re outside the USA.

2. Prizes must be claimed by 7 days. If not, another winner will be drawn.


We will be Emailing a copy of the ticket with your information on it for your records. These will be real raffle tickets and we will have a random friend over to draw the winner out of a bowl on Facebook Live and Instagram live on November 3rd at 4:20 pm East Coast Time

1st ticket pulled will win first prize and so on and so forth after that 


*FINAL DAY TO ENTER 10-31-19 *


Vivosun,, Dyna-Gro, Mammoth Microbes, Twenty 20 Mendocino, Aurora Innovations,, Second Generation Genetics,, Cotton Mouth Genetics, and